Reach Your Target Audience On Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for your solar business when leveraged and managed correctly. Our team of social media professionals will find out what makes your company unique and craft a strategy that will highlight your company’s strengths and provide a voice for your brand. We’ll create content that inspires meaningful and measurable conversations on your social channels to build engaging and lasting relationships with your customers.

The key to social media management is to not only create and share unique and engaging content, but to be consistent with your pups. While many solar professionals understand the value in having a strong social presence, it’s often the first marketing effort that gets overlooked and quickly drops on the list of daily priorities. Our team can do it all - from strategy development and implementation to creating documents and calendars to assist your in-house social team streamline their efforts. With monthly analytics reports on growth and engagement, you can measure results and analyze the quality of the leads coming from your social efforts.

Two Types of Social Media-Generated Leads

Social Posting Organic Leads

These inbound leads are generated from customer and company posts. These are often higher converting leads than outbound efforts such as lead purchasing, cold calling, traditional and print media, etc. These leads are generated when one of your followers who is interested in solar sees a post by or with their friend/neighbor/coworker/family member who just went solar. These leads are considered digital referral leads.

Social Advertising Leads

Social media ads require a different strategy than your standard PPC ads through search engines and your lead nurturing process needs differ slightly from your organic leads. 

For example, homeowners searching for local solar companies on Google are often in the mindset of shopping and researching to purchase. In contrast, homeowners on social media scroll through photos and links posted by friends and family with ads sprinkled throughout their feed. As a result, your social media content should be informative and provide information that strengthens your brand since homeowners will need to view your ad multiple times before they engage with it. This makes your ad strategy extremely important since you’re filling your lead funnel slowly and nurturing these prospects until they convert. However once they DO convert, the quality of those leads is stronger since they’ve taken the time to do their research before submitting their information.

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